Rachel's Three Beautiful Things

Inspired by Clare Law's Three Beautiful Things (http://threebeautifulthings.blogspot.com)

1.Mums 2.Skype 3.Scrabble

1. Roman wet himself three times this morning, once in my bed at 5am, my lunch time I was in a fowl mood, but my mum took it all, sat me down and made me a cuppa.

2. Three Skype calls this evening, Roman was beside himself with excitement, he twirled and turned for his daddy, he waved and smiled for his cousins and he splashed in the bath for his granny.

3. Had time for a game of scrabble, win. Which I didn’t, I lost miserably but enjoyed it anyway.

1.On Time 2.Christened 3.Quiet

1. Operation get two children and a granny packed, dressed, fed & watered, in the car and to deepest darkest Aberdeenshire, went perfectly to plan. All smooth, everyone happy and arrived on time.

2. Roman christens grandma’s kitchen floor with his own puddle. Got to love two year olds.

3. As if to pay me back for smooth journey north, bedtime is anything but smooth, but the silence once all mini Flemings are sleeping is extra sweet.

1.Cancelled 2.Bedtime Stories 3.Valet

1. After poor nights sleep I cancel my plans and go back to bed, leaving grandma to hold shop.

2. My friends son tucks himself up in Roman’s bed, declares its bedtime and politely asks me for stories. He was so cute I couldn’t refuse.

3. I get the hoover out and attempt to move the forest track and wood pile from the car foot well, it was unrecognisable when I was finished, still filthy, but unrecognisable.

1.Play date 2.Uncle Bedtime 3.The Streets

1. Magnus has a play date with another 7 month old, they dribble, roll and occasionally look at each other while the mummies eat biscuits and catch up.

2. My brother makes us dinner, helps with baths and then puts Roman to bed while I have Magnus.

3. For various reasons I go to bed early, curl up with iPlayer on my mobile phone and discover a charming documentary/history programme about Scottish streets.

1.Crawl 2.Dance 3.Bath

1. Wake to discover that while I was sleeping Magnus had decided to take his first forward crawling motions.

2. My mum dances at the back of church with M’s in her arms who promptly falls asleep.

3. Fill the bath with steamy water, bubbles and essential oils, and take my first evening soak since Magnus was born.

1.Living Room Wax 2.Loose End 3.Chocolate?

1. The beautician’s table was set up in the living room next to Cbeebies on the telly and a ball pool, the children were happy, the mother’s were waxed and the husband only looked slightly awkward.

2. Both my children napped at the same time for an hour and a half, I tidied, I made a cuppa, I checked Facebook, I browsed the internet and then i ran out of things to do.

3. I slightly burnt the banana loaf, but it was fine because Roman thought it was chocolate and ate those bits first.

1.Secret Smiles 2.Alone 3.Too Late

1. While I sit on the bus with two two year olds and a baby, singing Wheels on the Bus, and Old McDonald’s Farm, I spy from the corner of my eye more than one secret smile from wise old ladies, and broody 30 somethings.

2. Chris working this evening, and I have an evening in alone, which after a day of chasing kids is blissfully quiet.

3. I finally order Le Tour children’s memorabilia, just in time for the tour to end… in fact by the time they arrive, it will probably be finished. Doh!

1.Last Boy Standing 2.Summer 3.Emergency Pasta

1. Not sure what happened but Roman stayed at the lunch table even after the other two toddlers got down, and I swear he voluntarily ate something green.

2. Today is how I remember summers being, trips to parks, bread and cheese for lunch, followed by splashing in paddling pools and running naked in the garden.

3. My dinner didn’t cook (oven error), reach for the emergency pasta supplies to give hungry boys, then at gone 9pm I finally get to sample my pie, it was worth the wait.

1.Clean & Orderly 2.Jeans 3.Teething & Commonwealth

1. My self and two nice ladies brave the mice, spiders, dust and loose floorboards to bring some sort of order to the toy cupboard at church.

2. Plagued by post baby baggy jeans blues, with no opportunity to hit the shops I order multiple sizes and styles online, they arrive today! While my babies nap, I work through the jeans mountain until I find the perfect fit, which I’m pleased to announce I did.

3. Magnus cuts his second tooth and isn’t for sleeping, so I keep him up and we watch the opening ceremony with chilled beers in our hands (mine and Chris’s not the baby’s).

1.Old McDonald’s Farm Of Curiosities 2.Bike Adventures 3.After Eight

1. ‘And on that farm he had a … what did he have Roman?’  from the back of the car he shouts ‘star’ thinking I’d miss heard, I asked him what sound it makes, ‘twinkle twinkle’ he replies.

2. Sunny days are bike days, so cease the moment, pop Magnus on the bike off we go to swimming, and the pedal out to collect Roman from the minders.

3. Tentatively enjoying my new life after eight o’clock, hoping Magnus’s new and improve sleeping lasts more than a week.