Rachel's Three Beautiful Things

Inspired by Clare Law's Three Beautiful Things (http://threebeautifulthings.blogspot.com)

1.Grown Up 2.Pretty Stormy 3.Car Park Stalking

1. Drive away from my friends large Victorian manse, leaving him in a suit and dog collar, fresh from a funeral and her holding her adorable 3rd baby in her arms and reflect when did we all get so grown up.

2. Scotland looking stunning today from the motorway, all dark and broody sky’s, low intense sun highlighting golden cornfields, sea shores, Torness and the Forth Bridges.

3. Eager to park as close to home as possible but home far too late to actually get a space I start loitering on the street corners and finally spot someone leaving their house, win.

1.When a plan comes together 2.Concern 3.Bedfellows

1. After being in planning for most of the year, our toddler group starts, people actually turn up and it was good.
2. ‘Are you expecting something else?’ asks the swimming teacher with concern as Roman runs around the pool side naked and Magnus escapes my arms and heads determinedly towards the water.

3. Roman and his toddler chum jump on our double bed and then tiring they curl up side by side and pull the covers up.

1.Sleep 2.Good Mood 3.Preparation

1. My children mostly slept, I feel amazing.

2. Roman in a fantastically good mood when I collected him today, chatting, playing, smiling, it was great.

3. Prepare for the start of our new toddler group tomorrow, it feels like preparing for an exam but worse.

1.Scones 2.Jumperboo 3.Sneaky Film

1. I make fresh fruit scones, and eat them warm with butter, damson jam, a cup of tea and with the the company of lovely but not often seen friend.

2. Magnus discovers that he can lift my jumper and play peekaboo with me while sitting on my lap, there were lots of baby chortles.

3. Day of housework done (well mostly done), I discover some cheesy teen Rom Com on iplayer, and watch it while I feed M.

1.Helmet 2.Street Tour 3.Balloons

1. Discover that the kids helmets and bike seats seems to be pretty safe, when I accidentally let go of my bike, and the whole beast falls temporarily sideways. Roman a little shocked but Ms doesn’t seem to notice at all.

2. After the BBQ is eaten, the wine drunk, swing ball played and pinatas hit, the street party disintegrates into a neighbourly snooping tour, I’ve never seen so many attics.

3. Return from the attic tour, to discover our neighbours living room full of balloons, and super excited children.

1.Lazy Day 2.Explorer 3.Heston

1. I could have had my boys out and up a hill by 9.30 this morning, but instead I opted for a leisurely breakfast and some pottering.

2. Everything is exciting to a not quite 8 month old on the move, caught him poking at and running his fingers over our dodgy texture wallpaper, he was amazed.

3. Heston’s sausage for dinner, with mash and peas, nom nom.

1.Ask 2.Quiet 3.New

1. Roman ask someone for the toilet, totally amazing, suspect he’ll revert to type tomorrow.

2. I relished every moment of my 30 minutes of quiet, when I had two small boys sleeping. Even better, the cleaner came today, so I got to enjoy my cuppa in a clean and tidy, quiet living room.

3. A nice young man took my rickety old glasses, and while I was in with the optician, he cleaned, bent, fitted new screws and breathed life back into them, they are as good as soon.

1.Train Race 2.Canal Camp 3.Requests Answered

1. This morning is one giant long race to organise babies, grannies, potties, snacks, lunches and get to the train station on time. And we did it! Flemings junior and senior rush into the station puffing and panting just as the East Coast Train pulled into the platform.

2. We set up camp on the canal tow path, the buggy on one side, the back pack on the other and in the middle Roman is stripped naked and placed on the travel potty. Roman looks chilly but unrepentant, I smile apologetically at passers by and mutter ‘potty emergency’, M’s is oblivious to it all and crawls happily. 

3. Roman gets to play with his friend, I get to sit down and drink tea, Magnus gets to crawl, watch ‘big kids’ and laugh at dogs, all requests for a happy afternoon answered.

1.Flip Chart 2.Bum Wiggling 3.Weekend

1. It was time to make some serious plans, it was time to crack open the biscuits and write on a flip chart.

2. Enjoy one to one time with Roman, we invent hilarious new game which involves bum wiggles and lots of laughing.

3. Today totally feels like a weekend, which is nice for a Wednesday.

1.Boy 2.Doctor 3.Restaurateur

1. Boy in the waiting room … he’s 6, he has a baby brother too how old was my baby brother (pointing to Magnus), his brother could walk, crawl and run, he has a friend called Magnus who’ll be six on Friday, he’s going to the party, would I like to read his book… he was then truly amazed that 15 minutes later we bumped into him again in the pharmacy, ‘and you are getting medicine too, we’re getting medicine, isn’t that a coincidence..’

2. Magnus loves the doctor, and the doctor loves Magnus, they were giving each other the biggest smiles, and giggle at each other, M was practically jumping out of my lap to cuddle the guy. Apparently the best baby the doctor had seen ever, and we could come again anytime.

3. Chris and I arrive at the restaurant for our children free boozy lunch, and the restaunrateur gives us the warmest welcome, she seems truly excited to see us, and serves us up a very tasty lunch.