Rachel's Three Beautiful Things

Inspired by Clare Law's Three Beautiful Things (http://threebeautifulthings.blogspot.com)

1.Clean & Orderly 2.Jeans 3.Teething & Commonwealth

1. My self and two nice ladies brave the mice, spiders, dust and loose floorboards to bring some sort of order to the toy cupboard at church.

2. Plagued by post baby baggy jeans blues, with no opportunity to hit the shops I order multiple sizes and styles online, they arrive today! While my babies nap, I work through the jeans mountain until I find the perfect fit, which I’m pleased to announce I did.

3. Magnus cuts his second tooth and isn’t for sleeping, so I keep him up and we watch the opening ceremony with chilled beers in our hands (mine and Chris’s not the baby’s).

1.Old McDonald’s Farm Of Curiosities 2.Bike Adventures 3.After Eight

1. ‘And on that farm he had a … what did he have Roman?’  from the back of the car he shouts ‘star’ thinking I’d miss heard, I asked him what sound it makes, ‘twinkle twinkle’ he replies.

2. Sunny days are bike days, so cease the moment, pop Magnus on the bike off we go to swimming, and the pedal out to collect Roman from the minders.

3. Tentatively enjoying my new life after eight o’clock, hoping Magnus’s new and improve sleeping lasts more than a week.

1.Revenge 2.Store Cupboard 3.Bedtime Giggles

1. After discovering the supermarket had declined all my payment attempts in error, I decide to shop online with a competitor.

2. No food in, but scrape around in the cupboard and rustle up a very tasty pasta thingy.

3. Loving Roman and Magnus’s new awareness of each other, it usually results in fighting but this evening as they run and jump around post bath time they are full of giggles and kisses.

1.Sleep 2.Home 3.Bouncing

1. I crawl out of bed at gone 1, having mostly been asleep for the previous 12 hours. It felt great.

2. We have an at home day, drinking tea, napping, tidying and general unflustered potter.

3. Bouncing on the bed is Roman’s complete joy, this evening Magnus joins in and they are reduced to giggles.

1.City 2.Found 3.Anthony Edwards

1. Roman sits at the restaurant window watching buses and neenaws, Magnus throws food around, and the grown ups munch on tapas style Indian food, I love city living.

2. After weeks of living with the foreboding fear that I had lost four tiny nuts and bolts required for my new bike, I man up and scour the hall floor on my hands and knees, and found them.

3. Discover the cult classic ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ and spend the evening watching a very young Dr Mark Green, even younger than Goose. Afterwards I Google him and am genuinely a little surprised that he is still alive and didn’t die of a brain tumour.

1.Forgiveness 2.Community 3.Sisterhood

1. We sit down at the breakfast table, Roman chats away, Magnus smiles and I have a restorative mug of tea in my hands. All the stress from a wakeful night of tears is forgiven.

2. Reminded how much I feel part of my local community, and spend the day with neighbours, stopping to talk with people on the street and chatting with shop keepers.

3. Daughters, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, friends, from 15 to almost 60, all gathered to encourage, share and shower love on a very expectant and very lovely lady.

1.Meal Prep 2.Walk 3.Quiet Night

1. In rare freak moment of calm I manage to prep our dinner and pop it in the oven. Three hours later it was amazing.

2. My friend suggests a walk and for the first time in ages I am free to go adventuring up hills with her (and our combined babies, toddlers and dogs).

3. Magnus goes to bed and then isn’t heard from again, well as least my bedtime, it won’t last, but nice to have a semi free evening…

1.Return of me 2.Mama bike adventures 3.Summer Storm

1. After a week of post holiday lag today I felt a bit more like me and actually achieved some stuff, normal everyday stuff, it felt good.

2. Myself and my mum friend jump on our bikes and pedal off into the distance with our kids in tow. This is how summers should be.

3. We make a mad dash through the warm heavy rain and then spend the rest of the afternoon drinking tea, eating biscuits and letting the children dry in my friends conservatory.

1.Big Head 2.Nap Victory 3.Mixing it up

1. Health visitor declares Magnus is just fine, except his head is big, although then she added that it was probably inherited as I have a big head too.

2. Rather than driving or walking Roman to sleeping, I managed to get both children, asleep in their beds using storries and a cup of milk.

3. Leave flat with M in sling and Roman in buggy, me pushing, and during the course of our walk we did each variation of the above apart from Ms pushing as he’s not walking yet ;-)

1.Tea 2.Medicine 3.Big Bottomed Boy

1. I didn’t get my first cup of tea until 1.30pm but boy it was good.

2. Lots of hugs, TV, ice cream and some ibuprofen, the perfect medicine for little boys who’ve fallen off climbing frames.

3. Put a cloth night nappy, with wool wrap on Magnus, his bum looks epically big, it better not leak…