Rachel's Three Beautiful Things

Inspired by Clare Law's Three Beautiful Things (http://threebeautifulthings.blogspot.com)

1.Too Much Information 2.Rescued 3.Chocolate

1. Great lunch with the swimming mums sharing pregnancy and birth stories.

2. Roman repeatedly hits Magnus, pees on the carpet and then has a meltdown in the bathroom, Magnus generally cries and follows me around the house, hanging off my legs, climbing out of the highchair and throwing food everywhere and then… Daddy arrives home and saves me.

3. Walk out of the supermarket with a significant amount of chocolate in order to fulfill Roman’s birthday cake wishes.

1.Wrap Complement 2.Lunch Date 3.Bouncing Bear

1. Two different people stop me today in town to tell me they like my wrap, a granny type, and a mum of three.

2. Magnus makes the best lunch date, he sleeps through half of it, slurps my old soup and babbles in a friendly conversational manner.

3. Bear joins us for our evening bouncing/singing ‘calming down’ routine, although Roman is very critical of bear’s technique apparently his legs were all wrong.

1 . Roman’s Dad 2.Space Capsules and Gin 3.Starry Walk

1. ‘Was that your husband doing PA? I thought it must be because he looked so much like Roman.’ And so it begins…
2. Roman and his friend happily play in a large box (aka space shuttle) while Chris and I drink gin and catch up with old friends.

3. Walk home admiring the nights sky and chatting about life. It was almost like when we were young except for the slings and sleeping children.

1.Day Trippers 2.Thank Yous 3.Still

1. We go on a family day trip to deepest darkest Aberdeenshire, left on the 7.30 train, and returned to Waverly at 9 this evening. Epic.

2. Roman very politely says ‘thank you taxi man’ and waves as the black cab pulls off.

3. Long day over, children asleep. I savour the still quiet darkness.

1.Lunch Invitation 2.Slow Dancing 3.Homework

1. Thoughtful two year old son invites me and the kids to lunch, I look his mum she to see if she had prompted him, she hadn’t but she was willing to honour the invite.

2. The Flemings partner up and slow dance around the living room, to the romantic sounds of The Muppet Movie, but the atmosphere quickly turns silly, as babies start flying and bums begin to wiggle.

3. Sit in the bathroom with my family reading (aka laughing) through the list of family activities we can do this week as my homework from the Parenting Course, I can tell you now we will not be playing tennis, or doing any of the arty touchy feelie things, but we may visit some ‘elderly’ people, go for a family walk or cycle, and/or read a book together.

1.Home Day 2.Tent Time 3.Tidy

1. We have absolutely nothing to do all day, and spend a rare day at home.

2. For the first time in ages M’s sleeps and Roman and I get time alone together to play in tents, sing songs and read stories.

3. Home days aren’t tidy days, but children bathed and bedded, the paints, tents, bricks, tea sets are put way, dinner washed up and the house is surprisingly tidy.

1.Sneaky Shower 2.Conqueror 3.Wave

1. While Roman swims, I head off to the changing rooms and shower in semi peace.

2. Roman conquers the nerves from a fall earlier in the summer and successfully squares up to the climbing frame.

3. Magnus can definitely wave, he’s not sure why he’s waving but he knows its important.

1.Brave 2.Fish Cake 3.Company

1. Swore to my friend that I would leave her’s by 3, but Magnus fell asleep and got caught up watching Brave. What is a girl to do? I had so much fun.

2. I was briefly very proud that Roman tried the fishcakes for dinner, that is until I realised that it was a misunderstanding over the word ‘cake’, and completely explains why it was spat out with such disgust.

3. Just when I thought I was going to have a lonely evening to myself, a friend turns up, he helps with tidying the toys, and dinner mess away, and generally does a very good job of keeping me company.

1.Bed 2.Storage 3.Complete

1. Nothing like sleeping in your own bed. Holidays are nice but home is better.

2. I put the potatoes away, and wonder if our dual gin potato storage system is conventional.

3. Get to the end of the day and my toddler list is complete. That never happens.

1.Granny Snuggles 2.Plane Explorer 3.Roman’s Trains

1. Magnus falls asleep on granny, she suggests putting him in the cot but I order her to sit down and enjoy the cuddles.

2. My crawling explorer goes up and down and up and down the plane aisle, stopping to inspect the carpet, smile at passengers and play with stewards.

3. Roman’s mind turns to his trains the moment I mention going home, and as soon as we get out of the taxi he runs to the front door in anticipation of his trains. The track is assembled immediately and there he remains pretty much until bedtime.