Rachel's Three Beautiful Things

Inspired by Clare Law's Three Beautiful Things (http://threebeautifulthings.blogspot.com)

1.Ice Cream Genes 2.Lunch 3.Outdoors

1. Roman starts eating his 99, I look at my mum and they are both employing the same crazy method, could it be inherited?

2. We eat lunch out in the garden.

3. Between 9.30 this morning and 6 this evening myself and the littlies have been outside enjoying the fresh air, just how it should be.

1.Grandma 2.Cooperation 3.Sleeping on the Job

1. Grandma arrives and she is put straight to work with two children and a giant double buggy. Tonight she’s folding my laundry. Ahh.

2. After a month separated from each other Roman and his toddler chum seem excited to see each other and actually play together, nicely.

3. Roman falls asleep on the potty, it was very funny. He almost fell off. Tee Hee.

1.Nap 2.Skype 3.Car Kisses

1. After a grumpy morning of everyone being grumpy and tired, Roman finally naps which means Magnus and I could curl up in bed and sleep too.

2. Me and the littlies Skype Granny and Grandpa, lots of fun.

3. Usually I just have to kiss my way through soft toys as part of Roman’s bedtime ritual, today he adds a police car and a fetching orange saloon car.

1.Good Mood 2.Bargain Dash 3.Sun and Siblings

1. Magnus woke up in a particularly good mood and despite vaccinations has cooed, giggled and sat nicely for a good portion of the day.

2. My brother picked up my car and dashed across town to pick up the bargainous garden furniture before anyone else could lay claim to it.

3. I sit on the garden bench, cuppa in hand, soaking up the warm sun, putting the world to rights with my lovely brother.

1.Shopping 2.Cheese and Cake 3.Cuddle

1. Magnus sleeps in trolley as I push him around Sainsbury’s.

2. Newly weds arrive with cake and cheese, what’s not to like about that.

3. Roman runs up to me and gives me a long cuddle as I collect him from the childminders. It’s nice to be missed.

1.Sunday Lunch 2.Hanging 3.Kisses

1. Recover from partying with a slow start, and then leisurely Sunday lunch with fellow wedding guests.

2. My brother pops over, as does a friend, and everyone sits around chatting and generally hanging about in a very pleasing Sunday afternon way.

3. I lie silently next to Roman, as he struggles to drift off to sleep, and then between the twists and the turns and general fidgeting, he suddenly leans in and plants a big kiss or two on my lips.

1.Blonde 2.Wedding Excitment 3.Auld Lang Syne

1. The hair dresser gets her official colour charts out to prove to me that my hair is blonde, yes definitely blonde, with a strong gold tint and a hint of copper but definitely not brown…

2. Roman has the best day of his life at our friends wedding, there are other children, balloons, colouring, egg hunts, out door games, circles, cake and dancing dancing dancing.

3. I sit on the side of the dance floor feeding Magnus to sleep, my legs are tired, my tummy is full and everything is good. Auld lang syne plays and I watch a room full of friends and family send of the happy couple in style.

1.Museum Moments 2.Poo Perspectives 3.Hallway

1. Today’s trip to the museum was filled with lovely things, bumping into old friend on bus, cloakroom free for today only, no potty accidents, great chat with friend, lots of squeals and giggles from Roman, and between the tears and fighting the odd cuddle and holding hands between toddler chums.

2. So while I am mildly peeved that Roman pooed all over his bedroom floor, it was a great opportunity for carpet cleaning and getting rid of some grimy marks that have been bothering me for ages.

3. Chris returns from work early and busies himself with bringing order to our hallway. All four bikes now have hooks and hoists, the pushchairs are neatly secured to the wall and our shoes are lined up beautifully.

1.Posting 2.Sandpit 3.Made it

1. My friends hubby volunteers to take my parcel to the post office for sending.

2. So excited by the sunny sandpit at Porty Prom playpark, that Roman stripped himself naked.

3. Finally feel like I belong at local toddler group.

1.Playdate 2.Animals 3.New Home

1. Pop my head around the living room door to discover Roman playing nicely with another little boy AND they were sharing the train set.

2. I’m loving this talking thing,I get a full list of animals, their noises and hygiene precautions.

3. Sell one of the first slings I bought, it was strangely emotional, a bit like how it might feel when Roman gets married or Magnus leaves home, like a little bit of me is off starting a new life if the big wide world.