Rachel's Three Beautiful Things

Inspired by Clare Law's Three Beautiful Things (http://threebeautifulthings.blogspot.com)

1.Home 2.Washing Up 3.Feeding Babies

1. Chris works from home, no rush to get out, adult company for my lunch and everyone is home for dinner.

2. In uncharacteristic moment I do the washing up (a job I abdicated on getting married). It felt good. Although unlikely to be repeated.

3. M’s is whole body is excited with the anticipation of milk and then he just melts as every muscle relaxes.

1.Confession 2.Tummy Time 3.Dumplings

1. I immediately feel better after confessing to Chris that I forgot to go to Magnus’s first swimming lesson.

2. So exciting to see Magnus move during tummy time.

3. My brother passes on his secret knowledge of dumplings, feel honoured.

1.Sugru 2.Clear 3.Everybody

1. Totally loving Sugru, spent a happy hour mending things.

2. Finally put things away in the bedroom and rewarded with a very satisfying clear dresser top.

3. Everyone appeared to be at the Botanic Gardens today, bumped into so many friends.

1.Thomas Spoon 2.Princess 3.Time

1. Roman decides it’s better to complete the set of Thomas cutlery, than to have only a part of it, and gives his spoon to the student using his Thomas bowl.

2. The Princess from the kinder surprise egg, joins the list of items I need to kiss good night to.

3. An earlier than usual bedtime gives Chris and I unexpected time.

1.Toasty Swim 2.Meat and Fire 3.Little Snores

1. Magnus’s feet and hands were a greyish blue but under his wet suit he was roasty toasty.

2. Another sunny afternoon in the garden this time joined by friends for meat on the barbie.

3. Magnus finally falls asleep for the evening and I hear contented little snores.

1.Ice Cream Genes 2.Lunch 3.Outdoors

1. Roman starts eating his 99, I look at my mum and they are both employing the same crazy method, could it be inherited?

2. We eat lunch out in the garden.

3. Between 9.30 this morning and 6 this evening myself and the littlies have been outside enjoying the fresh air, just how it should be.

1.Grandma 2.Cooperation 3.Sleeping on the Job

1. Grandma arrives and she is put straight to work with two children and a giant double buggy. Tonight she’s folding my laundry. Ahh.

2. After a month separated from each other Roman and his toddler chum seem excited to see each other and actually play together, nicely.

3. Roman falls asleep on the potty, it was very funny. He almost fell off. Tee Hee.

1.Nap 2.Skype 3.Car Kisses

1. After a grumpy morning of everyone being grumpy and tired, Roman finally naps which means Magnus and I could curl up in bed and sleep too.

2. Me and the littlies Skype Granny and Grandpa, lots of fun.

3. Usually I just have to kiss my way through soft toys as part of Roman’s bedtime ritual, today he adds a police car and a fetching orange saloon car.

1.Good Mood 2.Bargain Dash 3.Sun and Siblings

1. Magnus woke up in a particularly good mood and despite vaccinations has cooed, giggled and sat nicely for a good portion of the day.

2. My brother picked up my car and dashed across town to pick up the bargainous garden furniture before anyone else could lay claim to it.

3. I sit on the garden bench, cuppa in hand, soaking up the warm sun, putting the world to rights with my lovely brother.

1.Shopping 2.Cheese and Cake 3.Cuddle

1. Magnus sleeps in trolley as I push him around Sainsbury’s.

2. Newly weds arrive with cake and cheese, what’s not to like about that.

3. Roman runs up to me and gives me a long cuddle as I collect him from the childminders. It’s nice to be missed.