Rachel's Three Beautiful Things

Inspired by Clare Law's Three Beautiful Things (http://threebeautifulthings.blogspot.com)

1.Play 2.Better 3.Nappy Kit

1. Roman, Magnus and I, play in the park, in our garden, on the street, and it was good (by which I mean, there was limited tears and fighting).

2. By dinner time the funny grumpy tired misery I had been in since I woke up had lifted and I left much better.

3. Spent the evening writing up an inventory for the church cloth nappy kit, and neatly folding all the pretty nappies into the bucket and net bag ready for their first recipient.

1.Bonus Boosters 2.Dead End Flights 3.Night Time

1. Buy two brand new nappies (rrp £15 each) for £10, and got a 5 boosters, 15 fleece liners. 1 silk liner, 3 full packs of disposable liners, 6 tubs of nappy laundry wash, a change bag, and 2 change mats for free. Totally stunned.

2. Family Fleming go for a drive and explore the back roads of South Queensferry and Kirkliston, and end up at a unexpected dead end which backed onto the airport. Roman totally delighted and we spend half an hour watching planes landing.

3. Once the kids are in bed, I have a bath, make myself some hot chocolate, and curl up on the sofa in my PJ’s.

1.Peers 2.Quiet 3.Pre Bath

1. Lovely morning spent nattering, sharing, eating scones and being real with my fellow mummy friends.

2. Roman asleep by the time I got home, Magnus asleep shortly afterwards. I enjoy the blissful quiet and sit down.

3. Roman obviously didn’t think he was dirty enough for a bath so after dinner he decided to pour the remains of his food over himself and rub it in a bit, followed by his drink.

1.Organised 2.Praise 3.Playdate

1. By 8.30 I had fed, washed and dressed myself and two children, fed two dogs, done the washing up, loading the washing machine, packed our swimming gear, packed our daysack, made and packed our lunches, toileted everyone and was on the road.

2. ‘Best toddler group ever’ now that’s praise.

3. Roman loved playing at his friends house today, took him half an hour to notice that his friend wasn’t there. In fact no one else was there just us.

1.Batch Cooking 2.Doggy Surprise 3.Spagbol Day

1. Magnus sleeps off his cold rather than going to swimming lessons so with an unexpectedly free morning I cook, and cook and cook, enough meals for a week.

2. The surprise of finding doggies in our house was enough to send Roman into tears for a good 10mins but once he had composed himself he was more than excited about our visitors.

3. Start writing a birthday present wish list and as I optimistically add Spa Day, I notice that auto correct has more realistically changed it to Spagbol Day.

1.Mini Hibernation 2.Yes 3.Bouncing

1. Magnus and I, jump into bed, turn out the light, snuggle down and shut the world out. By 1pm we’re ready to face the day.

2. Roman is well versed in the many uses of the word ‘no’. The ‘no’ meaning not just now, the ‘no’ I hadn’t thought of that but I’d like to, the ‘no’ I’m concentrating, the ‘no’ which means yes, the ‘no’ which means no. But today I heard a ‘yes’.

3. Magnus is ready for our ritual bedtime bounce today, he pulls himself up to a stand on the cot bars, holds on tight and bounces away with the biggest grin on his face.

1.What’s That 2.Bewitched 3.Naked Rabbit Spiderman

1. ‘What’s that?’ asks Roman concerned, ‘what’s that ringing?’, it was the noise of Chris snoring over the baby monitor.

2. I am completely bewitched by Magnus’s crawling, and find myself just staring at him for hours and hours.

3. We need to work on our superhero name, but basically it’s a small boy in pants with rabbit ears and the face of Spiderman, and his kryptonite is having a bath and going to bed, special powers, bouncing and making caves.

1.Wakey Wakey 2.Remote Access 3.Sleepy Cuddles

1. I wake up from my power nap feeling a smidge more human and a lot less grumpy.

2. Before Chris leaves for his night out he graciously gives me remote access to the computer. (This is more beautiful and life enhancing than it sounds.)

3. Resort to baby cuddles on the sofa for the evening, nasty colds making it too tricky to sleep. Happy baby, happy Mummy.

1.Wake Up Call 2.Baby Roman 3.Restoration

1. Nothing gets you out of bed quicker the words ‘Pee, Roman Pee, Mummy’s bed, accident’, shame it was 5am, shame he didn’t back to sleep.

2. We bump into my friend and her children in the park, the daugther excitedly pushes ‘baby Roman’ on the swing, while the brother pushes ‘Baby Roman’s baby brother’.

3. Chris returns home and my sanity is restored, not sure how he did it, life is just better when he’s around.

1.Grown Up 2.Pretty Stormy 3.Car Park Stalking

1. Drive away from my friends large Victorian manse, leaving him in a suit and dog collar, fresh from a funeral and her holding her adorable 3rd baby in her arms and reflect when did we all get so grown up.

2. Scotland looking stunning today from the motorway, all dark and broody sky’s, low intense sun highlighting golden cornfields, sea shores, Torness and the Forth Bridges.

3. Eager to park as close to home as possible but home far too late to actually get a space I start loitering on the street corners and finally spot someone leaving their house, win.