Rachel's Three Beautiful Things

Inspired by Clare Law's Three Beautiful Things (http://threebeautifulthings.blogspot.com)

1.Sleep 2.Tidying 3.Fire

1. After the worst weekend for sleeping in my life to date, I wake up at 6 ish to discover that the boys were still asleep, it feels amazing.

2. I tidy up a poorly boys weekends worth of mess, and then run Roomba not once, not twice but trice, and the result is a very pleasing living room.

3. Fire, lovely lovely fire, in lovely clean tidy living room, bliss.

1.Dora the Explorer 2.Waterproofs 3.So Sleepy

1. Dora the Explorer and child enchanter, Roman is totally captivated, and sneakily capitalise on this to drink tea and biscuits with my friend.

2. Roman’s waterproofs arrive, just in time for a hurricane or something…

3. Get Roman out of the bath, wrap him up in a snuggly towel and cuddle him on my knee while I dry him, and hey presto he’s asleep. Quickest bedtime ever.

1.Watching 2.Sofa Sleeps 3.Oxtail Stew

1. Magnus and I stand in our first floor bay window at 2 in the morning in full embrace, gently rocking, watching the street outside.

2. All the Flemings cosy together on the sofa full of cold to watch Japanese animated films, and the two littlest fall fast asleep.

3. After hours of stewing in wine, spices and winter root vegetables, the meat fell off the bones and thick gelatinous gravy coated sore throats and warmed weary bodies.

1.Midday 2.More Helping 3.Baby Jacket Mark 2

1. I wake up and it’s almost midday, that’s not happened for a while.

2. I’m liking this helping from Roman, a very productive afternoon of Apple muffins and Spagbol.

3. Finish my new baby wearing jacket in time to show it off at the sling meet tomorrow, I like it, fingers crossed it still fits when M is in the sling.

1.Scones 2.Emergency Measures 3.Alone

1. The fresh scones I buy to share with a group of Mummy friends were delicious.
2. It was a bad day, bad potty day, bad tantrum day, bad clingy/whining children day, bad tired Mummy day, by two o’clock I resorted to emergency measures and bundled us all into the car and drove until everyone was asleep (well not everyone, I was awake but it was quiet).

3. Chris takes the children and I am free, which I unglamorously at the doctors but I totally relish my hour alone.

1.Gloves 2.Breaking 3.Purple Highlights

1. On arrival at his friends house Roman presented with a beautiful pair of home made gloves.

2. Roman now fast enough on his balance bike that he has spent the afternoon learning how to break.

3. As I wash Roman’s hair I notice that there is a distinct purple glittering, in fact the more I look he isn’t the only one/thing glittering, there is M, my bed, the dining room carpet, chairs, the fridge, the artwork on the fridge… Doh

1.Helping 2.Delicious 3.Ears, Zips and Projects

1. Magnus was delighted to be presented with a selection of pans, spoons and lids to play with at my feet and Roman climbs up on a stool to ‘help’ make dinner.

2. Roman eats, not only eats but finishes his chicken risotto and mutters the word ‘delicious’, Chris and I stare at each other in shock.

3. Start work on my new and improved baby wearing fleece, incorporating some cute ears and new and improved curved insert panel, so excited, can’t wait to finish.

1.Rescue 2.Lift 3.Drawing

1. Kind friend comes to my rescue and buys me lunch.

2. Myself and nice old lady have a lovely chat in the lift and it took us an age before we noticed that we hadn’t pressed the button and were going nowhere.

3. Roman directs me to draw his day, his face and the things he likes on the magnetic drawing board thingy. It was great to get to know him better.

1.Biscuit 2.Park 3.Better

1. Rainy afternoon stuck in, time to make biscuits. Everyone delighted.

2. Still raining but Roman and his friends don their wellies, waterproofs and jump on their balance bikes to rendezvous at the park.

3. Judging by the ratio of bouncing on the bed to vomit on the sofa, I am pleased to announce that the boy is better.

1.Bike Adventure 2.Star Husband 3.Sofa Camp

1. I thought we were going to cycle up and down our street but Roman had different ideas and almost 2 hours later we had stopped numerous times for petrol, cleaning, coupling and decoupling tenders, turn on and off the ambulance lights, we had traversed over and under bridges, pontoons, forests, tow paths, and most importantly stopped at the park.

2. While I was out with the kids, Chris had tidied up all my mess and made dinner.

3. Roman out of sorts this evening and after the 100th time of trying to settle him in bed we give up and Chris, Roman and I camp on the sofa with a big blanket to snuggle under.