Rachel's Three Beautiful Things

Inspired by Clare Law's Three Beautiful Things (http://threebeautifulthings.blogspot.com)

1.Baby Nap 2.Uncle 3.Shorts?

1. Come down stairs after my lie in and find Magnus curled up on granny’s lap, mostly undressed and fast asleep.

2. Have a great day visiting Chris’s brother, pub lunch, parks, shopping, ice cream and just hanging out.

3. Roman returns from the potty wearing Magnus’s trousers, in Chris’s defence they made remarkably convincing shorts.

1.Bedgebury 2.Hiding Noisily 3.Green Gloup and Sausages

1. We follow the ‘play’ trail, through the trees and bracken, adventure on pirate ships, climb giant tree trunks, and tree houses, and wrapped it up with chocolate cake next to a lake.

2. Roman hides, granny searches with deliberate laxity, she mock shouts ‘is he behind the painting/in the cutlery draw/under the table?’ and he shouts back with a giggle ‘no!’ hours of fun.

3. Tonight’s supper (pea soup) is delicious but reminiscent of green gloup and served with an unconventional side of sausages.

1.At Home 2.Excuse 3.Chocs

1. As we break in a new significant other into the Fleming fold, I realise that I no longer feel like a new comer, in fact I feel quite at home.

2. As the birthday come 40th anniversary party gets into full swing I’m grateful that feeding babies and putting children down for naps gives me the perfect excuse for some quiet.

3. Children asleep, I break open my birthday chocs and enjoy an evening on the sofa watching DVDs.

1.Holiday Sleeps 2.Train Garden 3.Free Prescriptions

1. I lie in until 11.30, and more than a little trilled.

2. Granny’s friend has a train in his garden, he even has a stream powered one, more than one man in my life was delighted by this.

3. Go to the pharmacy and buy Magnus’s eczema creams (stupid airport liquid bans), £25 later I am very glad that we normally get these free on prescriptions. 

1.Travel 2.Welcome 3.Trains

1. With a dose of good humour and a pinch of salt, the boys travelled well. Taxi, plane, bus, car, and numerous delays, but everything went smoothly.

2. Grampie comes to our rescue at the car hire place, and Roman welcomes him not with a hello, or a hug, but a ‘Where’s granny Prue!’

3. Roman more than makes up for his grumpy reception with his excitement over Grampie’s EBAY wooden railway haul. So much track and so many trains.

1.Play 2.Vote Winning /Rigging 3.Midnight Feast

1. Roman did some serious play today, trains, playdough, park, sandpit, padding pool, chalks on path, riding bike, singing. It was fun.

2. Our neighbour starts negotiating what she gets in return for taking our bins out next week when we are away, she was angling to become our proxy voter in the referendum, we settle for our gratitude.

3. Chris nips out to do some last minute jobs, he returns at gone 11 with Chinese (well only the starter). Nom.

1.Top Service 2.Swimming 3.Home Song

1. I take Magnus along to my breast clinic appointment and get the best service ever, private rooms, cooing receptionists, attentive nurses, a thorough examination and the all clear.

2. I see Roman swim, like properly swim. He dives in, swims a couple of metres, climbs onto a large float, jumps in, and then swims through a hoop.

3. Roman, Magnus and I walk home after a fun afternoon running around naked in our friends garden, singing ‘home, home, time to go home…’ we got lots of smiles from passers-by.

1.Lunch 2.Powerwalk 3.Midlife Crisis

1. Mummies, babies, good food and lovely banter.

2. I strap Magnus to my back and powerwalk across town to the MOT garage.

3. Jeggings, am I just too old? Oh the dilemmas of nearing 40, and having two children.

1.Dependent 2.Independent 3.Responsibility

1. Magnus decides that the only way he can bear the pain of tooth number five’s arrival is to breastfeed solidly during the night.

2. Lunch with my mum who has been exercising her bus pass and old person’s railcard, and passing through the city on her way home from a weekend break in the borders.

3. Now that the referendum poll is neck and neck, I begin to feel the responsibility and great power I wield with my undecided vote. This thing has just got exciting.

1.Result 2.Mucking In 3.Bedtime Call

1. What ever the reason be it good luck, my tidy living room, the cute little boys laying on the charm, or the well sourced chocolate biscuits the broken chimney huge bill meeting with our neighbours went very well.

2. Tonight’s dinner guest was blessed with the ability to muck in and go with the flow, it was like having a member of your family there.

3. An out of sorts Magnus wakes up for the 3rd time and there is nothing for it but to don my pj’s and curl up with him, baby cuddles in the big bed, a win/win situation.